Sport is a fundamental part of Marc Bator’s life. In private life anyway, but also at all times of his career, sport played a decisive role. Here Marc Bator writes about passion, motivation and where life can lead, even when the necessary talent is lacking.      

“At least I tried soccer back then. It was the early 1980s and I was in the E age class in my home club in the Hanover region. And it was quickly clear that I didn’t stand a chance: no talent with the ball, said the trainer and my teammates. What I couldn’t know back then: soccer was going to return to me. Much later and in a different form. 1994 I became the voice of the most successful football show on German television at that time.

Change of scene. The fall of 2012. My first amateur race. At 39 years of age. 75 rounds of one kilometer each. Average speed: 44.1 km/h. It felt like a win. I have loved cycling as long as I can remember. I dreamed of being a pro cyclist. My mother, who did not allow me to race in fear of bad crashes, brought me to West Berlin to see the start of the Tour de France live in 1987.

Cycling has never left me. In recent years, my passion was so great that I decided to get involved in the sport. With the experience I have gained in over twenty years of my career in media, communications and marketing. In 2014, this led to TEAMVISION being founded together with partners.

In the meantime, TEAMVISION has developed beyond cycling. We advise top athletes from various disciplines. And we market sports. To do so, I also got back behind a school desk and completed a certification education program in sports management at the Hochschule St. Gallen. In the future, sports will remain an important and emotional part of my life – professionally and privately.

I am more that grateful to my mother, who did an amazing job as a sports teacher and coach over the course of decades. Because of her passion for sports in all of its facets, she apparently did more than just inspire me. Even if it didn’t quite work out on the soccer field.”